Salted/Spicy Edamame


Chicken Kara-age


Marinated Fried chicken thigh with yuzu mayo

Tofu Kara-age


Marinated deep fried tofu with Tonkatsu sauce

Pumpkin katsu


Deep fried pumpkin katsu with cabbage and Tonkatsu sauce

Korean Chicken Wings


Fried special jumbo wings covered by special house made Korean sauce, spring onion, sesame seeds

King prawn katsu


Breaded king prawn four pieces with Tonkatsu sauce

Prawn Tempura


Breaded king prawn four pieces with Tonkatsu sauce

Fried Squid


With sweet chilli sauce

Salmon avocado Uramaki


Salmon, avocado, sesame seeds, Wasabi mayo

California Uramaki


Marinated Crabstick rolled with avocado and coated with flying fish roe, wasabi mayo

Spicy Tuna Uramaki


Spicy tuna, chives, spicy mayo, cucumber, chilli powder

Prawn katsu Uramaki


Prawn, avocado, spicy mayo, tempura flakes

Yasai Uramaki


Rice, sesame seeds, inari, avocado, cucumber, carrot

Pumpkin Katsu Uramaki


Deep fried pumpkin katsu, sesame seed, cucumber,tonkatsu sauce and Crispy shallot on the top

Eel Uramaki


Grilled eel, cucumber, avocado, unagi sauce, sesame seeds

Crunchy Salmon Uramaki


Spicy salmon, avocado, tempura flakes spicy mayo and Crispy shallot on top

Philadelphia Roll


Rice, Cucumber, avocado, cream cheese wrapped with salmon and chives on to

Tropical Sunrise


Extremely popular drink originates from Santiago. Passion fruit, Pineapple, Orange, Lemon flavours for anyone and everyone to enjoy



Chopped, Changed, Juiced and charged. Fresh mint, pressed lime and cloudy apple juice. A soft classic. A refreshing thirst quencher (Mango Flavour Available)


Purple Rain


You cannot go wrong with this invention when name itself is “out of the world” A Delicious mix of Blackberry, Apple, Almond, Lemon and fresh mint for your sweet tooth.

Green Goddess


This non-alcoholic drink is tasty, smooth and can be enjoyed any time of the year. Kiwi, Pineapple and passion fruit topped with Sprite. Green Goddess is refreshing thirst quencher



Coca-Cola zero


Water still/sparkling small/large


Green Tea cold


Green Tea hot


Asahi Super Dry 0% beer

£ 5.99

Classic Hosomaki

Six pieces maki rice inside


£ 4.49



Salmon Avocado










House Special Rolls

Our chefs’ special roll

Dragon Roll


Prawn katsu, avocado, Unagi/Eel sauce, sliced avocado, sesame seeds, spicy mayo

Tokyo Roll


Rice, Prawn katsu, cream cheese, and avocado wrapped with seared salmon, homemade BBQ sauce, chives

Yuzu Prawn Tempura Roll


King prawn tempura, yuzu mayo, cucumber, romaine lettuce, tempura flakes

Rock n Roll


Spicy tuna, avocado, seared salmon, spicy mayonnaise, chives